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Podcast: Future of Retail May Involve Personalized Shopping

January 11, 2013
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This week, NPR is exploring the evolution of the American shopping experience. In the third installment in this series, Audie Cornish speaks with retail architect M.J. Munsell and retail consultant Bob Hetu about what shopping in the future will be like...


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Future of Retail
Future of Retail: Companies That Profit by Investing in Employees
June 18, 2012 From Time

Ideally, a capitalist economy is constantly becoming more efficient. The benefits of that newly gained efficiency, however, aren't always uniformly distributed. Sometimes it goes to business owners in the form of higher prices, sometimes to consumers in the form of lower prices and other times to labor as increased wages. You don't have to be an economist to know that for the past generation, workers have gotten the short end of this particular stick. Corporate profits have gone steadily up, consumers have been offered an increasingly wide selection of affordable products, but wages for most of us have stagnated.

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Uniqlo’s CEO on His Long, ‘Crazy’ Fight for the Future of Retail
October 11, 2012 From Wired
Tadashi Yanai, CEO of the parent company of Japanese clothing juggernaut Uniqlo and the wealthiest person in Japan, found himself in San Francisco recently, opening his company's first West Coast store and explaining how Silicon Valley had influenced his fast-growing company. After some discussion of flat management hierarchies, the power of failure and the brilliance of Twitter, Yanai got down to brass tacks. "You have to be a crazy guy and a little eccentric to be very successful," Yanai says. "Whether it's Steve Jobs or [longtime Intel CEO] Andy Grove, they're crazy."


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