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Infographic: How Did Your Customer Experience Get On the Naughty List

December 10, 2012
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Did your customer experience get on the naughty list? Check out the following infographic to find out the top customer service mistakes made and how you can get your brand on the nice list....


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Big Data: A Retailer’s Guide to Likes, Tweets, Reviews, Customer Data and Basically Everything Else
November 26, 2012 From Venture Beat
When it comes to retailers, big data is perhaps a little too big. Half of retailers can't aggregate all their data in one place to make detailed reports and conclusions. Forty-five percent don't use available data to personalize marketing communications, and another 42 percent can't link data together at the individual customer level. That's perhaps understandable, because 90 percent of the data that's ever been created has been created in the last two years, and the rate of data growth is increasing quickly.
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Infographic: Slow Websites Cost Retailers Billions
November 29, 2012 From Mashable
The days of dial-up are long gone. Most modern internet users expect websites to load lickety-split. For online retailers, having a fast website could be the difference between success and failure. Research shows that most consumers expect a website to load in about three seconds. If a site takes much longer, it will begin to lose its audience. In fact, a one-second delay in load time would cost an estimated $1.6 billion annually. Check out the following infographic, created by SmartBear, for all the info on how a slow site could seriously affect a retailer's bottom line.


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