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Why Amazon Suddenly Supports Online Sales Taxes

February 21, 2013
Get the Flash Player to see this rotator. used to be against collecting taxes on sales to consumers in states where it doesn't have a physical presence. In November, it switched sides. And when the Marketplace Fairness Act was introduced in the House and Senate last week, Amazon was listed among its supporters. So what happened? Lots. Amazon can expect to benefit from the collection of online sales taxes in at least three ways.



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Retailers Revive Call for Internet Sales Tax
July 26, 2012 From
Online sales are soaring. State budget deficits are growing. And tax-free internet sales are once again in the spotlight. Congress is considering bills that would level the playing field by allowing states to require all online merchants doing business in that state to collect sales tax. Web retailers have largely had a free ride since a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that only merchants with a physical presence in a state are responsible for collecting sales tax.
Amazon to charge sales tax on Indiana purchases
February 23, 2012 From
The gig is up for Indiana fans of tax-free, online shopping at Amazon. In two years, the state will begin to collect sales tax for purchases made within the state. Until now and like many web sites, customers have been skipping out on paying sales tax one benefit of online shopping. They agree with us that all of those who sell remotely Internet catalog or otherwiseought to soon as possible start collecting what is duly owed the taxes owed Indiana or most other states, Paul Misener, vice president of Global Public Policy for, said. Governor Mitch Daniels


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