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Susan J. McIntyre

Catalog Doctor

By Susan J. McIntyre

About Susan J.

Susan J. McIntyre is Founder and Chief Strategist of McIntyre Direct, a catalog agency and consultancy in Portland, Oregon offering complete creative, strategic, circulation and production services since 1991. Susan's broad experience with cataloging in multi-channel environments, plus her common-sense, bottom-line approach, have won clients from Vermont Country Store to Nautilus to C.C. Filson. A three-time ECHO award winner, McIntyre has addressed marketers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, has written and been quoted in publications worldwide, and is a regular columnist for Retail Online Integration magazine and ACMA. She can be reached at 503-286-1400 or

Return on Intelligence

Jim Gilbert
LinkedIn Publishing Platform: User Review, Tips and Some Wishes for its Next Iteration, Part 3
Jul 23, 2014

This week in the third and final part of this series, I offer suggestions for how LinkedIn's publishing platform can...

Email Applied

Reggie  Brady
Subject Lines That Work
Jul 18, 2014

Standing out in the inbox isn't easy. A lot of promotional emails I receive have subject lines that aren't special....

Return on Inventory

Joe Palzkill
Inventory Success Requires Systems, People and Process
Jul 16, 2014

  Often, while working with Direct Tech's current and prospective customers, I'll hear the age-old question: "Can't the system just do that?" If...

Designed to Convert

Tim Ash
4 Neuroscience Insights That Can Increase Conversions
Jul 2, 2014

In marketing, we often get so caught up with technology that we fail to focus on the insights we can...

ThinkAbout: Inspirational Verve for Your Product Line!

Andrea Syverson
Springboard From Your Brand Filter
Jun 26, 2014

One of the most important ways I strengthen my clients’ brands and product lines is by collaborating with their leaders...

The Art of Delivering Style

Maria Haggerty
Delivery and Returns Experience Leaves Lasting Impression on Customers
Jun 30, 2014

Consumers expect the online shopping experience to be nearly as seamless as the in-store experience. While companies like are working...


Stephen Lett
The Real Driver of Catalog Circulation
Jun 20, 2014

Print catalog circulation is starting to increase for a number of reasons. First, mailing a catalog drives business to the...

Shipping Insights

Rob Martinez
Attention FedEx and UPS Ground Shippers: New Carrier Policies Amount to Largest Rate Increase Ever!
Jun 19, 2014

By now it's likely you've heard that both FedEx and UPS are revising pricing policies for ground packages, moving from...

Retail Revelations

Melissa Campanelli
’Tis the Season for Experienced Retail Sales Associates
Nov 15, 2013

Many retailers are preparing for the busy holiday shopping days ahead by making sure their websites are working properly, their...

B-to-B Insights

George Hague
2 Must-Have B-to-B Metrics
Apr 9, 2014

Smart CEOs know two essential B-to-B metrics to successfully grow their businesses: contribution per order (CPO) for new customers and...

Retail Rants & Raves

Joe Keenan
Tips for Customizing the Online Shopping Experience
Nov 8, 2013

In an effort to give you a sneak peek into the upcoming Retail Online Integration webinar, One Size Does NOT...

Cataloging is Rocket Science

Over the years, I've come to realize that in many ways cataloging is rocket science. Here are four reasons why:  Read More >>


Are Your Catalog Test Results Worthless?

Testing is an excellent way to learn how to maximize sales and minimize costs. However, it's critical to construct your tests to deliver results that are both accurate and actionable. A poorly designed test can deliver unreadable results and money down the drain. Here are tips to get clear, actionable results every time you test:  Read More >>

Don't Let Your Catalog Creative Schedule Drive You Crazy

It seems like catalog creative/production schedules, just like budgets, have gotten so tight they drive everyone crazy. Here are nine tips for bringing sanity to your schedule management.



Why Catalogs Aren't a Bunch of Ads Stapled Together

PATIENT: "Doc, our new owners want to change the catalog so it's more like a series of ads — aspirational, exciting, clean, with attention-grabbing headlines on each spread. They figure ads work to drive sales to their brick-and-mortar stores, so that proven formula will work for the catalog too."   Read More >>

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4 Tips for Fast, Easy, Error-Free Proofreading

Proofreading needs and deserves to be done right. With the right system, you can make it easy on your team, catch all the errors and inconsistencies, and avoid all the cost and logistics problems that errors can cause. Here are four tips how: 


Catalog Testing: Whys and Hows

It's very tempting to skip testing in a catalog. However, I've seen too many ‘great marketing instinct’ and ‘common wisdom’ ideas crash and burn. It's much better to test first.  Read More >>


9 Errors That New-to-Cataloging Firms Make, and How to Avoid Them

Catalogs have some significant differences from other channels, and that can surprise people new to cataloging. Here are nine mistakes that new-to-cataloging firms often make. These mistakes don't have to happen, however; they're within your control. Avoiding getting seduced by them can put you on the road to catalog success.  Read More >>

Learn From Your Competitors to Keep Ahead

Customer benefits are what it's all about. What makes your brand best for your customers needs to be woven throughout all your editorial, product copy, page heads, design and photography. First, define what makes you the best at XYZ. Second, define how to make it clear to your customer. It's not just about design differences. If you can make a true case for how you're different and why that's good for your customers, that's what no competitor can copy.


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7 Steps to a Smoother Photo Shoot

Photo shoots are complex events with a lot of steps (and thus potential for missteps) and people (so with potential strife and confusion). Here are seven key actions you can take to avoid the major drivers of photo shoot stress and chaos:  Read More >>

How Copy Can Increase Catalog Scannability

As a copywriter, you have copy tools at your disposal to increase copy scannability. More scannable copy means more folks read … and buy. Try these tips:


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‘Clean’ Design: Lean, Mean Selling Machine or Buying Barrier?

‘Clean’ design typically means more negative space (aka white space), minimal copy, larger but fewer images per product, sans-serif type, often smaller point sizes and sometimes gray type instead of black. To see if clean is for you, let's look at where it works and where it doesn't.  Read More >>

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