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Liz Ryan

Email Marketing Bites

By Liz Ryan

About Liz

With over 14 years digital marketing experience specializing in email marketing and customer retention, Liz Ryan is an innovative thought leader in the field. She has been published in a number of industry publications including eM+C as well as interviews in DM News and Hubspot. As CEO of Relish Tray Media, she works world-class technology platforms including ExactTarget and Hubspot among others. Liz has helped B-to-B and B-to-C companies elevate their marketing programs through data driven strategy and creative optimization. Threadless, Dino Publishing, Belly, SimpleRelevance and Acorns have all benefited from her experience and expertise. During her career in interactive marketing, Liz also served as Director at NextWave Media, a lead generation company and Managing Consultant at Stellar Response, an email strategy and delivery consultancy. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Arizona State University, and Master of Science degree in E-Commerce Technology from DePaul University. When she

Return on Intelligence

Jim Gilbert
An Open Letter to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg After His Lame ‘Thank You for Being an Advertiser’ Pop-Up
Feb 26, 2015

As a marketer, I've put my best efforts into building not just likes, but deeply engaged communities on Facebook. And when...

Designed to Convert

Tim Ash
Avoid 3 Common Technology Traps and Boost Conversions
Feb 25, 2015

Technology is your friend. That's what marketers say after they employ a largely tech-driven tactic that provides some lift. Unfortunately, that's...

Catalog Doctor

Susan J. McIntyre
Catalog Cover Controversies, Part 2
Feb 19, 2015

In part one of this series last month, I examined controversies about having a company tagline as well as whether to have...

The Art of Delivering Style

Maria Haggerty
The Best Packages of 2014
Feb 17, 2015

As retailers make decisions for 2015, capitalizing on branded and personalized packaging strategies should be a priority. Retailers don't need...


Stephen Lett
50 Best Tips for 2015
Feb 9, 2015

It's a new year and the Lett Direct team has put together "50 Best Tips for 2015" that will help you increase...

Shipping Insights

Rob Martinez
UPS to Increase Fuel Surcharges on All Products Effective Feb 2, 2015
Feb 2, 2015

In spite of plummeting oil prices, UPS just changed the tables used to calculate fuel surcharges, resulting in yet another rate...

Return on Inventory

Joe Palzkill
2015 Inventory Planning Wish List
Jan 28, 2015

Today, I'm heeding my own advice about conducting an annual process post-mortem, on a personal level. I've been reflecting on...

Retail Rants & Raves

Joe Keenan
Retail Jobs Not so Bad After All?
Oct 15, 2014

The National Retail Federation (NRF) today released a study authored by a University of Georgia economist who found that retail jobs...

Retail Revelations

Melissa Campanelli
When Email Snafus Happen to Good Companies
Nov 12, 2014

Say it ain't so! I was actually sad when I read in MarketWatch this week that Seattle-based online retailer Zulily’s...

Email Applied

Reggie  Brady
Subject Lines That Work
Jul 18, 2014

Standing out in the inbox isn't easy. A lot of promotional emails I receive have subject lines that aren't special....

ThinkAbout: Inspirational Verve for Your Product Line!

Andrea Syverson
Springboard From Your Brand Filter
Jun 26, 2014

One of the most important ways I strengthen my clients’ brands and product lines is by collaborating with their leaders...

B-to-B Insights

George Hague
2 Must-Have B-to-B Metrics
Apr 9, 2014

Smart CEOs know two essential B-to-B metrics to successfully grow their businesses: contribution per order (CPO) for new customers and...

The Email Hierarchy of Needs: Deliverability is the Foundation

If you're not getting the most of your email messaging, you might not be asking the right questions. How many times have I been asked "What's the best day of the week to send email", "What's the best time of day to send email", "What's the best Email Provider"? These questions are much less important than the big questions. "Is my email getting to my subscribers?" "Can my subscribers read my email on their device"? "Do my subscribers want my email or are they hitting

... 

When Email Marketing Won't Work

Email marketers love to tout the benefits, return on investment and successes of our favorite channel. However, there's something I've come to know through my many years in the industry: sometimes email doesn't work. There comes a time in every business when you need to evaluate where to spend your marketing dollars. Oftentimes email is a no-brainer; sometimes it's not.  Read More >>

Resist the Urge to Send Image-Only Emails

From a marketing perspective, there are pros and cons around user experience, reporting and data. Email experts have been quick to spin as to why this is good for the industry. However ,it is important to consider why image-based emails is bad for your program. Specifically the long held practice of sending single image emails.  Read More >>

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