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How CMS Drives Traffic And Improves The Retail Experience

Consumers now expect retail web sites to include a great deal of information including product reviews, sale announcements, relevant blog entries, etc. For online retailers, Celerant Command CMS simplifies the task of editing web content and enables quick and easy content creation and publication with little technical knowledge.
Free Whitepaper: Data Mining — Big Opportunities for Small-to-Midsize Retailers

Using tools from MicroStrategy, Celerant is now building on its experience with data mining applications to expand the value of data access and processing through data warehousing.

Case Studies

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Featured Resource: Powering 12 Months of Sales in 7 Days

One week, 7,000 flawless transactions. In advance of a chainwide rollout, National Roper's Supply tested Celerant Command Retail at one of the world's largest rodeos.
Featured Resource: Cross-Channel Integration Drives Efficiency for Fontana Sports

Since integrating its brick-and-mortar and e-commerce systems on the Celerant platform, Fontana Sports has reduced inventory 20 percent, increased turns by 1.5 times, and created immeasurable training and operational efficiency.


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Featured Resource: Celerant Command System Overview

Celerant Command is a multichannel, real-time software solution that manages all areas of a retail business in one fully integrated system.
Featured Resource: Management System for Sporting Goods Dealers

Celerant Command is real-time software that manages all areas of sporting goods dealers with one fully integrated system.


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Featured Resource: Celerant M-Commerce

Celerant provides you with a fully functional mobile e-commerce website, a further extension of your store.


Featured Resource: Celerant Technology on Inc. 5000 List for 4th Year in a Row

Inc. ranked Celerant on its 2011 list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

Mentions of Celerant Technology, Inc.

What’s Old is New Again: The Rebirth of Brick-and-Mortar
April 24, 2015

Since the dawn of e-commerce, successful retailers have taken for granted that digital was the future and scrambled to claim the space. Indeed, shoppers have moved online; but much like home video didn't kill movie theaters, e-commerce has interwoven itself
Integrated Software Satisfies Consumers’ Demand for Omnichannel Consistency
January 13, 2015

Diversity is drilled into our heads from an early age. Diverse investment portfolios minimize risk, diverse workforces boost idea generation, and diversity in your diet is healthier. In most situations, diversity is the way to go. Retail management software is