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Amazon Prime Increase: The Impact for FBA Sellers
By Mark Faggiano
From Retail Online Integration
Mark Faggiano, TaxJar   Much discussion has centered on how consumers will react to the Amazon Prime price increase. There are sites offering "Is it worth it?" calculators to help shoppers input their buying habits and compare the likely shipping savings to the increased annual cost. While the reception by customers is of course important, the Prime increase also directly impacts companies in the... more »
Good Plans, Great Reactions
By Joe Palzkill
Joe Palzkill   An underappreciated component to inventory planning excellence is careful alignment of the planning calendar to the timing of marketing activities. Easy to say, tough to do, and here's why.... more »
Fab's CEO Sent This Terrifying Memo in a Bizarre Attempt to Rally His Staff
From FastCompany   In an attempt to set the tone for a new, restructured and a hopefully one day resurrected, CEO Jason Goldberg sent around a memo that's less rally-the-troops and more "you're lucky to be here." Titled "It's a f***ing startup. Why are you here?," the note, also posted on his personal website, continues to remind his employees that they could, very... more »
More On Management
Tuesday Morning, Ex-CEO Settle Suit Over Firing
From ABC News
Tuesday Morning   Tuesday Morning Corp. and former CEO Kathleen Mason have agreed to settle a discrimination lawsuit that accused the retailer of firing the executive because she revealed she had breast cancer. Mason's attorney, Rogge Dunn, and Tuesday Morning, each said Monday that they had amicably resolved the matter, but didn't disclose terms of the settlement. Court documents show that a Dallas... more »
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Free E-Book: Building a Personalization Powerhouse
Free E-Book: Building a Personalization Powerhouse   Create engaging customer experiences like never before. Discover the essential requirements for implementing a strategy that lives up to the demands of today's savvy consumer, while providing businesses quick integration, actionable intelligence, marketing flexibility and omnichannel scalability.... more »
Amazon Sales Take a Hit in States With Online Tax
From Bloomberg News
Amazon logo is taking a hit in states that are collecting online sales tax. In one of the first efforts to quantify the impact of states accruing more tax revenue from web purchases, researchers at Ohio State University published a paper this month that found sales dropped for Amazon when the online charge was introduced. In states that have the tax,... more »
More On Brick-and-Mortar
3 Steps to Retail Loyalty Programs That Connect With Customers
From Retail Customer Experience
Brick and Mortar Retail   We all know that loyalty programs are popular with customers, but when it comes to why a customer shops with a particular brand, the loyalty program is actually fairly far down the list of reasons for why a customer engages. A recent COLLOQUY survey of more than 3,000 consumers indicates that loyalty programs aren't core influencers of shopping behavior when... more »
More On Customer Retention
Featured Resource: Around the World in 5 Personas
Featured Resource: Around the World in 5 Personas   Problem: How can merchants, financial institutions and regulators better serve online consumers?
Solution: By identifying five key online personas and their behaviors concerning the value of online identity and information, decisions can be made to optimize the online consumer/payment industry relationship.... more »
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