Prepping Warehouses for the Holiday Rush: Ensuring Speed and Accuracy
By Keith Phillips
From Retail Online Integration
Keith Phillips   In an era when consumer expectations are higher than ever, omnichannel retailers simply can't afford to make mistakes during the crucial holiday rush. Retailers need to root out the inefficiencies in their warehouses that lead to costly errors and replace them with new systems.... more »
Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Retailers in 2015
Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Retailers in 2015   Curious to know which digital marketing trends will have the biggest impact on your business in 2015? In an interview with Retail Online Integration, Jim Davidson, head of research at cloud-based marketing automation software provider Bronto, answers that question and more as he offers his predictions for the retail industry in the new year. From a potential chink in the armor for... more »
5 Steps to Preventing a Data Breach Disaster
By Garry McCracken
From Retail Online Integration
Garry McCracken   If retailers want to keep both their customers’ financial data as well as their brand reputation out of harm's way, it's imperative they take the right steps in protecting vulnerable information. Below are five critical steps that retailers need to be taking to keep their customers’ financial information safe from a potential breach:... more »
More On E-Commerce
Wal-Mart, Sears in Alleged Illegal Toy Gun Crackdown
Wal-Mart_logo_2   Major retailers are illegally selling prohibited toy guns online, the N.Y Attorney General's office alleged Thursday. Eric Schneiderman's office sent cease-and-desist letters to the retailers (Wal-Mart,, Kmart, Sears and to halt sales of these toy guns to New Yorkers immediately. "Once this matter was brought to our attention, we placed a shipping block on our website to prevent... more »
More On Management
Free E-Book: 9 Tips to Shed Your Post-Holiday Inventory Quickly
Free E-Book: 9 Tips to Shed Your Post-Holiday Inventory Quickly   December is here, and that likely means you're about to face loads of excess inventory lounging around from the holiday crunch. Luckily, there are many online outlets to help you move that inventory out the door. ChannelAdvisor's latest e-book shares nine tips that can help you get your inventory in shape for 2015.... more »
Target CEO Makes Leadership Changes to Emphasize Innovation, Digital
From Minneapolis Star Tribune
Target_logo_small   Four months since he took over as Target Corp.'s chief executive, Brian Cornell is making some of his first leadership changes to emphasize innovation and digital prowess within the company's corporate structure. Cornell is expected to unveil his long-term strategic plan for the company early next year, but he's already been vocal about his goal to make Target a leader... more »
Sony Leaks Hint at Snapchat’s Retail Ambitions
From Digiday
Snapchat logo   Emails leaked in the recent hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment have revealed some new information about Snapchat's vision for the platform. Namely, that Snapchat is looking to serve users more location-specific media, specifically with an eye toward retail, according to advertising execs who have been reading the emails like tea leaves. Snapchat also plans to infiltrate the digital music industry, according to the... more »
More On Brick-and-Mortar
Jo-Ann Gets Crafty With New TV Show
From Retailing Today
Jo-Ann Stores logo   Looking to capitalize on the crafting craze, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is partnering with the Craft Retail Group to launch TV programming dedicated specifically to crafting. The "TV shopping experience" with daily featured shows is scheduled to launch Dec. 29. "This partnership with Create and Craft provides an incredible opportunity to deliver exclusive product, projects and promotions to crafters... more »
Free Whitepaper: A Workout in Customer Lifecycle Marketing
Free Whitepaper: A Workout in Customer Lifecycle Marketing   Get ready, marketers! This series is going to turn you into a lean, mean marketing automation machine … with just four whitepapers flat! Focused on the customer lifecycle, the series focuses on the "problem areas" retailers face when it comes to continuously engaging, retaining and motivating customers to jump for joy — and bring in revenue.... more »
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