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A look at how traditional storefronts remain a relevant — and profitable — part of the retail industry. 


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How Pop-Up Stores Are Spurring Innovation in Detroit

Pop-Up NYT April 17, 2014

Detroit, a city famously filled with abandoned buildings and blighted neighborhoods, has a major selling point for entrepreneurs: If you have an idea you want...

QVC to Expand in France, Undaunted by Soft Economy

QVC's logo April 16, 2014

QVC is planning to expand into France, betting that the television-shopping network can thrive even in a heavily regulated country with a stagnant economy. France...

Understanding the Point-of-Sale Hacking Threat

Target_logo_2 April 16, 2014

Target's massive data breach continues to reverberate in the headlines, but in reality it's just one of countless attacks that affect the retail industry on...

Google Can Now Follow You From the Computer to the Store

New Google Logo April 15, 2014

Google has developed a way to match the ads you view online to the purchases you make offline by developing a program that tracks you...

Walgreens Urged to Leave US to Gain Tax Benefit

Walgreens_logo April 15, 2014

Walgreens has come under pressure from an influential group of its shareholders, who want the U.S. pharmacy chain to consider relocating to Europe, in what...

Key Considerations for Expanding E-Commerce Into Brazil: Payments, Fraud and Taxation

Ralf Gladis, Computop April 9, 2014

Brazilian e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. In 2011, online sales reached a volume of $11 billion, which was up 26 percent from the...

Wal-Mart Plans 50 More India Wholesale Outlets, E-Commerce Launch

Wal-Mart logo April 9, 2014

Wal-Mart Stores on Tuesday announced plans to open 50 more wholesale outlets in India and start online operations to sell to small shopkeepers, several months...

Innovation at Nordstrom: A New Look at Beauty

Nordstrom logo April 3, 2014

At Nordstrom, customers drive innovation, and the retailer continues to dream up, test and execute improvements to its customers’ shopping experience. One tool at its...

How to Maximize Omnichannel Sales

Sam Bahreini April 3, 2014

Whether purchasing a car, a pair of shoes or a computer, both brick-and-mortar retail and e-tail have very important roles in the world of...

Restoration Hardware CEO Defies ‘Conventional Wisdom’ That Retail Stores Are Dead

Restoration_Hardware_logo April 1, 2014

With retailers from Wal-Mart to Staples talking about building smaller stores, you'd think that's the direction the industry is heading. This is until you see...