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Tactics and tips on how brands can effectively use print catalogs as part of their multichannel marketing mix. Areas of focus include catalog circulation, catalog design, copywriting, printing/production, postal, direct mail, B-to-B, lists, content marketing, product photography and digital catalogs.


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USPS Plans to Open Hubs to Retailers Competing With Amazon

USPS Logo April 15, 2014

In 2020, when your supplies of milk and butter start to run low, your refrigerator will know to send out a call to the grocery...

Understanding Postal : What Will Postal Reform Mean to Catalogers?

Paul Miller April 2014

The long road to getting a bill passed in Washington is rarely smooth. The efforts of the last few years to pass a postal reform...

Poshmark, USPS Collaboration Could Spell Big Changes for E-Commerce

USPS Logo March 21, 2014

A new collaboration between the U.S. Postal Service and fashion startup Poshmark could mark a significant milestone for e-commerce brands, large and small. The latter has...

2014-2015 Conference Calendar for Supply Chain, Distribution, Postal, Specialized Industry and More

2014/2015 Conference Calendar for Supply Chain, Distribution, Postal March 4, 2014

The value of attending conferences is significant: learn from a combination of expert and peer-led presentations on trends and strategies to improve processes, enhance quality,...

eBay, USPS Cast Doubts on Same-Day Delivery Model

eBay logo February 18, 2014

There are signs that same-day delivery may not be as winning a model as some had hoped. The USPS suspended one of two pilot programs...

Catalog Testing: Whys and Hows

Susan J. McIntyre February 11, 2014

It's very tempting to skip testing in a catalog. However, I've seen too many ‘great marketing instinct’ and ‘common wisdom’ ideas crash and burn. It's...

Postal Bill Clears Senate Committee, Mailers Left Disappointed

USPS_logo2 February 7, 2014

A proposed rescue plan for the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service took a step forward Thursday when a Senate committee passed a bill that would...

B-to-B Insights : Unorthodox But Effective

George Hague, HAGUEdirect February 2014

Sometimes an odd suggestion can really turn a company around. Here are three nontraditional recommendations that have significantly improved sales for B-to-B direct marketers:...

Cover Story : From Soup to Nuts

Cover Story: From Soup to Nuts February 2014

An everything guide on how to be a successful omnichannel retailer in 2014...

What Online Retailers Should Know About January USPS Rate Changes

U.S. Postal Service logo January 28, 2014

Shipping carriers raise rates every year, but this year, online sellers who use the U.S. Postal Service got some good news mixed in with the...