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Trends, news and analysis on how retailers are using loyalty programs, promotional strategies and other techniques to improve their customer retention efforts.


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Shoppers Boost Spending 2.4% in Weekend Before Christmas

xmasgift December 23, 2014

U.S. shoppers spent 2.4 percent more during the weekend before the Christmas holiday this year, giving a boost to retailers in the final days of...

Ikea Gives Theater a Cozy Makeover So People Could Watch Movies in Bed

Ikea Couches December 11, 2014

The worst thing about going to the movies is having to sit upright for a few hours. Everyone knows lying down is the ideal viewing...

J.C. Penney Has Store Shoppers Surprise Complete Strangers With Gifts

New J.C. Penney Logo December 9, 2014

Is giving to others the greatest gift of all? Even the sourest Scrooge might admit the idea has merit after checking out J.C. Penney's #JustGotJingled...

Adding Consumer Value and Brand Loyalty With Wi-Fi

Kelly Davis-Felner December 1, 2014

Many retailers believe the best way to entice consumers is to drop prices, creating an endless race to the bottom. However, driving customer loyalty...

Earlier Deals whack Black Friday Numbers

Black Friday December 1, 2014

Have retailers’ earlier and earlier deals each holiday season made Black Friday moot? Not quite. Some 87 million Americans still hit stores on Friday, according...

6 Digital Trends Driving Sales This Holiday Season

Annes Merchant December 1, 2014

With Black Friday signaling the final stretch of holiday shopping, it's more important than ever for retailers to execute their digital marketing strategies with precision....

Gift Cards Top Consumers' Holiday Wish Lists

Gift Cards November 28, 2014

Total spending on gift cards is expected to reach $31.74 billion, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Gift cards have been the most requested...

Tiffany, T.J. Maxx Among Retailers Ignoring Black Friday

Tiffany and Co. November 28, 2014

Black Friday weekend is the year's biggest promotional event for most major U.S. retailers, and yet there are prominent holdouts ignoring it - or at least...

Small Retailers get Creative to Draw Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday November 18, 2014

During the holidays, small retailers feel like the little kid in a big family, jumping up and down to get attention. They can't match the...

Sears Offers Loyalty Members Early Black Friday Access

Sears_logo_small November 14, 2014

Sears will provide members of its Shop Your Way loyalty program access to many Black Friday deals one full week before Thanksgiving, on from...