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Trends, news and analysis on how retailers are using loyalty programs, promotional strategies and other techniques to improve their customer retention efforts.


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Wal-Mart Makes Holiday ‘Checkout Promise,’ Pledges to Staff Every Register

Walmart Logo August 18, 2014

A day after announcing a disappointing second quarter, Wal-Mart has made an aggressive holiday promise to its customers: the world's largest retailer says it will...

GameStop Launches Gift Card Exchange Program

Gamestop logo July 22, 2014

GameStop announced it will allow consumers to exchange unwanted gift cards for a GameStop e-gift card via a program powered by gift card exchange platform...

Retailers Mail Style Guides to Entice Shoppers

FS0114_Paul_Bobnak July 21, 2014

Retailers such as Ann Taylor and J.Crew have refashioned their direct mail brochures as "style guides." Besides magazine-type content like interviews with celebrities, these print...

5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Customer Loyalty Program

Tyler Roye, co-founder and CEO, eGifter July 15, 2014

Last year, 61 percent of retailers cited customer retention as their greatest obstacle. It's easy to view e-commerce innovations as the enemy when a once-faithful customer...

Gap Sees Job Applications Jump After Wage-Raise Pledge

Gap's logo June 25, 2014

Gap's pay pledge has gotten the attention of job seekers. After announcing plans in February to increase hourly wages to $10 by 2015, employment applications...

Customers Are Sticking With Target, Poll Finds

Target_logo_2 May 20, 2014

A recent Bloomberg poll suggests that most Target customers are willing to forgive the company for its massive data breach. The theft of data concerning...

3 Steps to Retail Loyalty Programs That Connect With Customers

Brick and Mortar Retail April 22, 2014

We all know that loyalty programs are popular with customers, but when it comes to why a customer shops with a particular brand, the loyalty...

Technology Performance Failures Give Retailers Sticker Shock

Bharath Gowda February 13, 2014

Let's say your company is ahead of the technology curve, employing mobile point-of-sale systems, customer relationship management software, the latest financial reporting software, e- and...

Customer Retention : ShopRoxx Uses Email to Build Customer Loyalty

ShopRoxx logo February 2014

For ShopRoxx, an omnichannel fashion retailer for younger women, increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value with the brand is a key initiative for 2014....

Cover Story : From Soup to Nuts

Cover Story: From Soup to Nuts February 2014

An everything guide on how to be a successful omnichannel retailer in 2014...