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Tips on how retailers can improve the customer experience with its brand via all touchpoints, including social media, call centers, live chat, in-store and mobile.


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Smart Ways Retailers Can Incorporate Social Media Into Marketing Plans

Lindsey Madison April 1, 2014

With millions of users, retailers simply can't ignore social media. Social media allows you to build relationships with customers, and their feedback will help you...

How Secure is Live Chat?

Jeff Mason, Velaro March 19, 2014

When accessing a website's live chat functionality, you may be opening a door to your thoughts. Someone may be able to see your "rough...

This Tweet Explains Why Sears Continues to Fail

Sears_logo_small March 12, 2014

For most companies, Twitter provides a place for self-promotion, a vehicle for customer engagement. For Sears, Twitter often spotlights the company's failure. Not the standard...

How to Avoid a Crowdfunding Backlash

Kickstarter logo February 24, 2014

I recently wrote about the backlash some retailers have experienced while trying to raise money through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Because the Securities and Exchange Commission...

Target to Collaborate With Top Pinterest Users on Party Collections

Target_logo_2 February 12, 2014

By now, it's old hat for brand-name designers to team up with discount retailers (Stella McCartney for H&M, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Vera Wang for...

You Can Now Shop on Amazon by Taking Photos

Amazon logo February 10, 2014's app for iPhone this week added "Flow," an image recognition tool designed to allow consumers to add a product to their shopping cart by...

A Sneak Peek at Twitter’s E-Commerce Plans?

Twitter IPO February 3, 2014

Twitter's plans to bring commerce to the real-time service may have come into sharper view. As of Friday night, New York-based e-commerce site displayed...

Customer Acquisition : Rock/Creek Outfitters Generates Leads Via Twitter

ROI0214_Customer Acquisition art February 2014

Outdoor gear and apparel retailer Rock/Creek Outfitters used Twitter's Lead Generation Cards in a Promoted Tweet campaign last year to capture the email addresses of...

Case Study : F-Commerce Shines for Apricot Lane

ROI0214_Apricot Lane logo February 2014

For a boutique apparel and accessories retailer such as Apricot Lane Peoria (ALP), building a community of fans, and ultimately converting those fans into customers,...

Reddit Bans Overeager Etsy Sellers

Etsy logo January 30, 2014

Reddit has "soft banned" Etsy links due to what the site says is a recent rise of spam posts by apparently overeager sellers who don't...