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Trends, news and analysis on all topics related to selling products online, including email, mobile, SEM/SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, software, technology and more.


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Zappos, MapMyFitness Will Tell You When You Need New Running Shoes

August 20, 2014

Zappos and training app MapMyFitness are teaming up to ensure runners are never logging miles on worn-out shoes. The two companies announced last week a...

Should You Bank on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin logo August 19, 2014

While Bitcoin has been having somewhat of a renaissance as of late — more mainstream brands are allowing consumers to use the virtual currency as...

A Guide to E-Commerce Replatforming

eTail 2014 August 15, 2014

To help retailers make the migration to a new e-commerce platform as seamless (and painless) as possible, a panel of retail technology experts — Jason...

Tagging Up: How to Make RFID Adoption a Retail Reality

Melanie F. Nuce August 12, 2014

Omnichannel commerce has turned the controlled linear retail supply chain upside down and inside out, shining a spotlight on retailers’ strengths and weaknesses and exposing...

3 Reasons I’m Obsessed With Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter August 8, 2014

OK, as a journalist, I’m not supposed to show any allegiance to a brand. I'm supposed to be unbiased and straightforward with just the...

Puma Pounces on Twitter's Latest Ad Program

Puma logo August 4, 2014

Twitter is rolling out an ad platform called Flock to Unlock that challenges fans to retweet in order to "unlock" new content from a brand....

GameStop Adding Beacons to its Stores

Gamestop logo August 1, 2014

Beacon marketing firm Shelfbucks announced that it's finalized an agreement with GameStop to deploy its beacon-based solution in the company's retail locations. The company said...

Cover Story : 2 Ways to ­Increase ROI Around the Holidays With ­Better, More ­Targeted Content

Maria Winters Demarco August 2014

Content has become a tool for retailers in their efforts to optimize the online shopping experience for consumers. Just providing product details and pricing...

Cover Story : 5 Email Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

Christopher Lester August 2014

It might be hard to think about Christmas when you need SPF 1,000 to survive being outside right now, but now is the time to...

Customer Retention : Macy's Uses Predictive Analytics to Grow Customer Spend

Macy's logo August 2014

The ability to better understand customer buying behavior, and then being able to actually use that knowledge to create optimized (i.e., personalized) marketing campaigns, is...