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Trends, news and analysis on all topics related to selling products online, including email, mobile, SEM/SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, software, technology and more.


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Tips for Reaping the Financial and Customer Engagement Benefits of In-Store WiFi

Greg Griffiths, EarthLink April 24, 2015

Understanding WiFi's security and guest engagement benefits, working with key organizational stakeholders, and conducting a network assessment and design review will ensure you capture all...

Why Nike and Under Armour Are Spending Wildly to Watch Your Every Step

Under Armour logo April 23, 2015

Sportswear outfitters like Under Armour and Nike look increasingly like tech companies, with apps and digital ecosystems that stretch far beyond their traditional fitting rooms and football...

How to Beat the 140-Character Limit on Twitter

Gilbert photo 1 April 21, 2015

A few weeks ago, Twitter made a major change to its user interface allowing marketers to break the barrier of the 140-character limit. To those of us...

How Online Retailers Can Expand Their Expertise Without Leaving the Office

Andy Geldman, Web Retailer April 21, 2015

For all the people that think seminars are essential industry learning experiences, there are just as many that think they're more time and effort...

Google to Target Shoppers Using Email Address Provided by Merchants

New Google Logo April 17, 2015

Online merchants have already proven they're willing to share the most precious of proprietary data with Google, even transactions, pricing and tracking data in the...

How Mobile is Changing SEO

Ken Burke April 15, 2015

If merchants needed any more evidence of the increasing importance of optimizing their sites for mobile commerce, Google is about to weigh in in...

How to Respond to a Data Breach

ACMA 2015 logo April 14, 2015

The question isn't if your company will be the victim of a data breach, but when. Those were the sobering words of Martin Einstein, senior...

FBI Says Amazon Sellers Used Algorithm in Price-Fixing Scheme

Amazon logo April 8, 2015

The U.S. Justice Department's Antitrust division lauded the result of its e-commerce investigation into price fixing on Amazon Marketplace. The agency alleges that online seller...

Stuart Weitzman Debuts Instagram-Based Ad Campaign

Stuart Weitzman Instagram Ads April 8, 2015

Upscale footwear brand Stuart Weitzman has launched its first Instagram-based advertising campaign. The online campaign features Cinemagraphs, which animates a portion of a photo so...

The Immutable Law of REALationships: How to Build an Engaged Following on Twitter

Jim Gilbert April 3, 2015

As Facebook becomes more pay for play, I've really stepped up my game on Twitter. Previously, Twitter was the least important part of my social...