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Trends, news and analysis on all topics related to selling products online, including email, mobile, SEM/SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, software, technology and more.


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Why Rebecca Minkoff and eBay Are Betting on Smart Dressing Rooms

Rebecca Minkoff November 14, 2014

Just downstairs from a real estate agency in Campbell, California, a team from eBay is experimenting on a very different type of dressing room for...

When Email Snafus Happen to Good Companies

Zulily screen shot November 12, 2014

Say it ain't so! I was actually sad when I read in MarketWatch this week that Seattle-based online retailer Zulily’s shares plunged more than 21...

Victoria's Secret Changes Controversial ‘Perfect Body’ Slogan

Victorias_Secret_logo November 7, 2014

After a marketing campaign erupted into a social media firestorm last week, Victoria's Secret has changed the slogan that many found offensive. The company caused...

Home Depot Says 53 Million Email Addresses Were Taken in Breach

Home_Depot_logo2 November 7, 2014

Home Depot, which suffered a data breach between April and September, said 53 million email addresses were taken by hackers during the attack, in addition...

Trends That Will Revolutionize the Retail Industry

Brick and Mortar Retail November 7, 2014

In retail, innovation is the name of the game. Increasingly, retailers are staying ahead through unique in-store experiences that inspire shoppers through social lifestyles. Take...

Should Target Put ‘Alex’ in an Actual Ad Campaign?

Target_logo_2 November 4, 2014

Should Target put "Alex," the Frisco, Texas, kid getting a lot of Twitter love because of his Bieberish mug and the pure randomness of the...

6 Last-Minute Tips for Your Holiday Email Program

jose Cebrian October 30, 2014

The holidays will be upon us before we know it. For retailers, this is the make-or-break time of the year. The stress levels start to...

How Big Data Boosted Online Sales for GNC, Sur La Table and ModCloth

Big Data October 23, 2014

When it comes to retailing in the digital era, technology is often hyped as the key to knowing the long unknowable, a means to reveal...

3 Steps to Successful Cart Reminder Messages

Jim Davidson, Bronto October 23, 2014

Everyone knows that shopping cart reminder emails will bring shoppers back to a site to shop and hopefully buy. The rate of shoppers leaving items...

Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online

Apple Pay October 22, 2014

After using Apple Pay for a day of shopping in stores, a few things became clear: The new payment system is convenient, problem-free and even...