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Trends, news and analysis on all topics related to selling products online, including email, mobile, SEM/SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, software, technology and more.


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Case Study : Improved Site Search Helps Thompson & Morgan Grow Sales

Thompson and Morgan August 2014

PROBLEM: Thompson & Morgan (T&M), one of the largest seed and plant retailers in the U.K., was unhappy with its site search upon migrating to...

Customer Retention : Macy's Uses Predictive Analytics to Grow Customer Spend

Macy's logo August 2014

The ability to better understand customer buying behavior, and then being able to actually use that knowledge to create optimized (i.e., personalized) marketing campaigns, is...

Cover Story : 2 Ways to ­Increase ROI Around the Holidays With ­Better, More ­Targeted Content

Maria Winters Demarco August 2014

Here are two ways to incorporate content marketing into your holiday plans: 1. Identify high-traffic pages with low conversion rates. In the months leading...

Cover Story : 5 Email Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

Christopher Lester August 2014

It might be hard to think about Christmas when you need SPF 1,000 to survive being outside, but now is the time to start building...

Wal-Mart Buys Another Tech Startup … Only to Shut it Down

Wal-Mart_logo_2 July 30, 2014

The merging of retail and technology has led to the two sides poaching each other's talent. This commonly leads to companies gobbling up entire startups,...

Retail Trade Groups Unite on Payments Initiative

National Retail Federation 2014 logo July 29, 2014

The National Retail Federation, Retail Industry Leaders Association, Food Marketing Institute, Merchant Advisory Group, National Association of Convenience Stores, National Grocers Association and National Restaurant...

Amazon Launches a 3-D Printing Store With Customizable Goods

Amazon logo July 28, 2014 has launched a new store for 3-D-printed goods, which include items that can be customized to change their size, color, material and even aspects...

Tech and Fashion's Fight Over Talent Has Only Just Begun

Angela Ahrendts July 25, 2014

Two months ago, former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts assumed her much buzzed-about position as Apple's new Senior Vice President of Retail. The 54-year-old fashion executive moved to the...

Fear No Blacklist: How Email’s Savviest Senders Steer Clear

Thomas Sather July 25, 2014

Frequently misunderstood and feared, blacklists vex many email marketers. To those without the benefit of experience, blacklists seem liable to penalize any sender on...

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters Among Most Popular Retailers on Pinterest, Relative Newbie Tops List

UrbanOutfitters July 24, 2014

Pinterest's fastest growing retail brands - from Urban Outfitters to Kate Spade - all understand one thing: Image is king. That's what a new ranking...