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Trends, news and analysis on all topics related to selling products online, including email, mobile, SEM/SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, software, technology and more.


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Retailers Lack of Data Strategy Hindering Marketing Initiatives

Thomas_Schutz March 2, 2015

Today's retail initiatives all seem to revolve around data. When we think about marketing automation, digital retailing and loyalty programs, they all have data at...

Visa Wins Costco’s Credit Card Business

Costco_logo March 2, 2015

Costco announced that its credit card network will be handled by Visa next year, an announcement that comes weeks after it sideswiped Visa rival American...

Amazon, J.C. Penney Respond to ‘The Dress’ Color Debate on Twitter

New J.C. Penney Logo March 2, 2015 and J.C. Penney are two of the top retailers that quickly responded to the worldwide social media buzz concerning a post about a dress...

Email Applied : A (Big) Piece of the Puzzle

Reggie Brady, Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions March 2015

Remember the days when all we had to worry about was one channel? Those days are long gone! Today, to succeed in our complex omnichannel...

Customer Acquisition : How Uses Social Media to Drive Customer Acquisition

Dr.Jays March 2015, the fast-growing urban street wear e-tailer, is gaining new customers and increasing sales and average order values thanks to an on-site social tool that...

Check it Out : Why Your Ads Should Be Saying ‘Cheese’

PowaTag March 2015

U.K.-based startup Powa Technologies has developed PowaTag, a payment technology that allows consumers to purchase a product by simply taking a photo of it on their...

An Open Letter to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg After His Lame ‘Thank You for Being an Advertiser’ Pop-Up

Mark Zuckerberg's pop-up thank-you message February 26, 2015

As a marketer, I've put my best efforts into building not just likes, but deeply engaged communities on Facebook. And when you changed Facebook to...

3 Tips to Increase Online Sales Without Spending a Fortune on Marketing

Francesca Nicasio February 26, 2015

Any small business working with a limited budget or staff knows the challenges that come with gaining traffic, traction and sales. Unlike retail giants that...

Malls Beef Up Security Following Threatening Video

Ball_Auto_Group_FBads February 24, 2015

A video threatening terrorist action at U.S. and other Western malls sent retailers’ emergency preparedness plans into action after it surfaced over the weekend. But...

Customer Retention Tactics From Lands’ End, Home Depot, ProFlowers

etail west logo February 23, 2015

Offer great customer service, make sure your messaging is personalized, and have a single view of the customer are some of the best ways to...