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An in-depth look at how retailers are merging the online and offline worlds through branding, showrooming, attribution, QR codes, augmented reality, database marketing, order fulfillment and more.


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What's Waiting to Be ‘Just Born' in Your Production Line?

Seasonalize_Peeps_1 April 17, 2014

What holiday best represents your brand? How might the successes from that season be a springboard for others? What whimsical ways can you surprise and...

Wal-Mart’s In-Store Shoppers Prefer Amazon

Walmart Logo April 7, 2014

Wal-Mart has been vocal about its intention to aggressively build its online business, but there's one thing it needs to change first: getting its own...

For Some Retail Brands, Lifetime Guarantees Never Went Out of Fashion

L.L.Bean logo March 18, 2014

Even if you're up on your legal reading, it's likely that you missed the case of Roy L. Pearson v. Soo Chung, et al. In...

Lands’ End to Spin Off From Sears on April 4

Canvas Lands End March 17, 2014

Clothing retailer Lands’ End is set to spin off from Sears Holdings Corp. on April 4, according to an amended filing with the Securities and...

How Birchbox Founders Cold-Emailed Their Way to Success

Birchbox March 12, 2014

Of-the-month gift clubs have been popular for years, but it took two Harvard Business School entrepreneurs to one, make the concept cool and two, completely...

Kate Spade Faces Uphill Fight to Be Next Ralph Lauren

Kate Spade March 6, 2014

Kate Spade wants to be Ralph Lauren. Looking to quadruple retail sales to $4 billion, the handbag maker is modeling itself on Lauren's empire: a...

Carter's Slices Distribution Costs With Automated Multichannel DC

March 5, 2014

Carter's increased its sales in 2013 for the 25th consecutive year, with both its wholesale and retail businesses reporting sales topping $1 billion. As sales...

How Ikea Practices Continual Improvement for its Brand

"Improve Ikea" Campaign February 27, 2014

"There's more to life than furniture" declares a bold headline in a recent Ikea catalog. Perhaps a somewhat surprising statement from the world's leading home furnishings...

Personalization Strategies to Drive Online Sales

David Pyrzenski, Silverpop February 24, 2014

In tomorrow's Retail Online Integration webinar, Personalizing the Online Shopping Experience — Thinking Beyond %%FirstName%% (register for free here!), David Pyrzenski, a product consultant for...

Meet the Fashion Brand With a Publisher’s Heart

Frank & Oak February 12, 2014

Venture-backed companies tend to be obsessed with using the efficiency of the web to "disrupt" old business models. But for two-year-old men's fashion company Frank...