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An in-depth look at how retailers are merging the online and offline worlds through branding, showrooming, attribution, QR codes, augmented reality, database marketing, order fulfillment and more.


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Brown Shoe to Rebrand Itself as Caleres

Brown_Shoe_logo April 17, 2015

One of St. Louis' oldest public companies, Brown Shoe, is stepping out with a new name, Caleres. Brown has been part of the corporate name...

Michael Kors: The Jet Set Juggernaut

Michael Kors April 8, 2015

Michael Kors has built one of the most successful luxury juggernauts in fashion history with a DNA that's rooted in a glamorous jet set lifestyle....

The Simple Answer to Solving the Attribution Equation

Chip Overstreet, MyBuys April 3, 2015

In the digital world we live in today, the average shopper uses at least three devices to access the internet. Across those devices, consumers encounter numerous types...

Big Data Technologies Driving the Revolution in Customer Interaction

Meyar Sheik, Certona April 2, 2015

Today's customers expect seamless, personalized and consistent experiences wherever they shop. To meet this need, big data technologies are evolving to gain insights and foresee...

Understanding the New Customer Journey

Rory Dennis, Amplience March 13, 2015

A lot has changed for online shoppers in recent years. The customer journey today has become a multiplatform experience, often including interactions via smartphones, tablets,...

Barnes & Noble Takes Flashnotes on College Business

Barnes and Noble March 10, 2015

Barnes & Noble is adding to its college bookstore business ahead of a spin off of the unit coming later this year. Bloomberg's Matt...

A RadioShack by Any Other Name Actually Might Have Survived

Radio_Shack_logo March 9, 2015

"Inside RadioShack's Slow-Motion Collapse" is the headline of a six-page cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek last month. Why did RadioShack bite the dust? Let's take...

Gap’s Identity Crisis is Getting Uglier

gap logo March 3, 2015

In January, Gap announced it would scrap the role of creative director, and with it, the job of Rebekka Bay. It was, frankly, a bummer...

7 Tips for Mastering Your Call to Action

Lois Brayfield February 25, 2015

The world of marketing has exploded with opportunities to capture the heart of both customers and prospects alike. Whether it's online or offline, marketers bombard...

Customer Retention Tactics From Lands’ End, Home Depot, ProFlowers

etail west logo February 23, 2015

Offer great customer service, make sure your messaging is personalized, and have a single view of the customer are some of the best ways to...