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Content that highlights strategies around warehouse management, shipping, environmental sustainability, product packaging, benchmarking and international commerce.


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UPS Isn't Taking Any Chances This Holiday Season

UPS logo November 19, 2014

Consumers remember all too well the shipping fiasco that left them giftless last year during the holidays. Nearly 2 million UPS and FedEx packages in...

Retailers Will Break Holiday Delivery Promises Again This Year

Holiday Shipping November 17, 2014

Last year's debacle in which packages failed to reach their destinations in time for Christmas was a wake up call for many retailers and shipping...

Republicans Signal Demise of Internet Sales Tax Bill

legal matters photo November 12, 2014

Brick-and-mortar retailers have become the first U.S. business group to be disappointed by Republicans since their midterm election gains, as party leaders indicated that a...

West Coast Port Slowdown Raises Fears of Dockworker Strike or Lockout

West Coast Port November 11, 2014

For months, contract negotiations between a powerful union and multinational shipping lines progressed amicably in public, even though roughly 20,000 West Coast dockworkers labored without...

USPS to Deliver Packages 7 Days a Week This Holiday Season

USPS Delivering for the Holidays November 7, 2014

The U.S. Postal Service is adding package delivery on Sundays during the holidays to meet the expected growing demand as online retailers ship more products...

Birchbox Users Urge the Company to Go Cruelty-Free

Birchbox October 31, 2014

An online Care2 petition to get Birchbox to stop featuring cosmetics from companies that test products on animals has over 47,000 signatures already. According to...

Retailers Move Up Shipping Dates to Avoid a Repeat of Last Year's Problems

Holiday Shipping October 28, 2014

Still scarred from last year's shipping disasters — customers not receiving their orders (i.e., gifts) before Christmas despite being guaranteed they would at the time...

Los Angeles Delays Hit Sales as No. 1 U.S. Port Suffers

L.A. Port October 27, 2014

After years of ending the holiday shopping season with too much merchandise stacked in their warehouses, U.S. retailers face the opposite this year: they may...

Are Drone Deliveries the Future of Online Shipping?

Maria Haggerty October 21, 2014

While the quest for faster shipping is an ongoing struggle for retailers and fulfillment companies, it's unlikely that drones or anticipatory shipping alone will be...

3 Tips for Reaching Global Consumers

Paige O’Neill, SDL September 24, 2014

Cultural variances are present in brick-and-mortar stores, from what products are offered to how they're merchandised, but these nuances are often lost online. Too often,...