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Content that highlights strategies around warehouse management, shipping, environmental sustainability, product packaging, benchmarking and international commerce.


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Court: No Pay for Amazon Warehouse Security Checks

Amazon logo December 9, 2014

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that warehouse workers who fill orders for retail giant don't have to be paid for time spent waiting to...

Best Buy Dangles Free 2-Day Shipping to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Best Buy Logo December 9, 2014

Not so fast, Best Buy has raised the stakes in the online shopping wars by offering an eye-popping holiday promotion: free two-day delivery on...

International Invasion: Retail's Newest Tenants

British Flag December 8, 2014

U.S. retailers beware — the British are coming! But it's not just the Brits. The Italians, French, Spanish and more are also invading the U.S.,...

Meet Amazon's Busiest Employee — The Kiva Robot

Amazon logo December 2, 2014 employee Rejinaldo Rosales used to wander stacks of shelves to pick up merchandise for orders before finally returning to his station to place them...

Check it Out : Boxing Solution to KO DIM Pricing

On Demand Machine December 2014

In case you haven't heard — although it's likely you have — next year the ma In case you haven't heard — although it's likely...

eBay’s Same-Day Delivery Experiment is Essentially Dead

eBay logo November 26, 2014

eBay won't say it outright, so I'll say it for the company: its same-day delivery experiment is pretty much dead. On yesterday's earnings call with...

UPS Isn't Taking Any Chances This Holiday Season

UPS logo November 19, 2014

Consumers remember all too well the shipping fiasco that left them giftless last year during the holidays. Nearly 2 million UPS and FedEx packages in...

Retailers Will Break Holiday Delivery Promises Again This Year

Holiday Shipping November 17, 2014

Last year's debacle in which packages failed to reach their destinations in time for Christmas was a wake up call for many retailers and shipping...

Republicans Signal Demise of Internet Sales Tax Bill

legal matters photo November 12, 2014

Brick-and-mortar retailers have become the first U.S. business group to be disappointed by Republicans since their midterm election gains, as party leaders indicated that a...

West Coast Port Slowdown Raises Fears of Dockworker Strike or Lockout

West Coast Port November 11, 2014

For months, contract negotiations between a powerful union and multinational shipping lines progressed amicably in public, even though roughly 20,000 West Coast dockworkers labored without...