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Content that highlights strategies around warehouse management, shipping, environmental sustainability, product packaging, benchmarking and international commerce.


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Amazon Triples Number of ‘Free Shipping’ Items

Amazon logo January 28, 2015

E-commerce giant is upping the ante on its free shipping policy. The company announced that all Amazon seller-fulfilled items are now eligible to contribute...

USPS Priority Mail Rate Filing Impacts Merchants

USPS Logo January 27, 2015

The USPS filed a notice yesterday about its rate plans for Priority Mail, a popular service among online sellers. The filing with the Postal Regulatory...

USPS to Raise First-Class Mail Rates in April

USPS Logo January 16, 2015

The U.S. Postal Service will raise rates in April for some market-dominant services based on a Consumer Price Index (CPI) cap authority of 1.966 percent....

Free Delivery Creates Holiday Boon for U.S. Consumers at High Cost

Dollar sign shadow January 5, 2015

For top U.S. retailers, free delivery is now the norm. That is good news for shoppers, but not so much for investors. During the just-ended...

Google Challenges Amazon With Same-Day Holiday Deliveries

New Google Logo December 22, 2014

Google is gaining ground in the market for same-day package deliveries, stepping up competition with, eBay and a host of startups during the...

Court: No Pay for Amazon Warehouse Security Checks

Amazon logo December 9, 2014

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that warehouse workers who fill orders for retail giant don't have to be paid for time spent waiting to...

Best Buy Dangles Free 2-Day Shipping to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Best Buy Logo December 9, 2014

Not so fast, Best Buy has raised the stakes in the online shopping wars by offering an eye-popping holiday promotion: free two-day delivery on...

International Invasion: Retail's Newest Tenants

British Flag December 8, 2014

U.S. retailers beware — the British are coming! But it's not just the Brits. The Italians, French, Spanish and more are also invading the U.S.,...

Meet Amazon's Busiest Employee — The Kiva Robot

Amazon logo December 2, 2014 employee Rejinaldo Rosales used to wander stacks of shelves to pick up merchandise for orders before finally returning to his station to place them...

Check it Out : Boxing Solution to KO DIM Pricing

On Demand Machine December 2014

In case you haven't heard — although it's likely you have — next year the major parcel freight carriers (i.e., UPS, FedEx) will be shifting...