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Free Webinar: 7 Ways Tag Management Can Benefit Online Retailers

November 1, 2012
• Presented By: Retail Online Integration
• Sponsored By: Tealium
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Andrew Edwards, CEO, Technology Leaders; Erik Bratt, VP Marketing, Tealium

• Moderator: Melissa Campanelli, Editor in Chief, Retail Online Integration

• Click Here: 7 Ways Tag Management Can Benefit Online Retailers

One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing and web analytics today is the costly and time-consuming task of managing all of your web page tags (JavaScript snippets) that online marketing vendors require.

Enter tag management, one of the hottest digital marketing innovations of the new decade. Tag management enables e-commerce marketers to easily deploy and manage their mission-critical online solutions — everything from web analytics to personalization — on their own without ongoing IT assistance and JavaScript expertise.

Learn why leading brands are adopting this new technology to help increase marketing agility, reduce costs, improve website performance, improve vendor selection and even protect consumer privacy.

Our speakers will discuss the following:

  • what tag management is and how it works;
  • the seven benefits of using a tag management system;
  • the latest trends around tag management; and
  • case studies illustrating the benefits of tag management for retailers.
Click here to view this webinar.



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