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How to Engage Customers Across Channels

January 26, 2012
• Presented By: Retail Online Integration
• Sponsored By: Bronto
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Debra Ellis, Founder, Multichannel Marketing Consultancy, Wilson Ellis Consulting; Kevin Skurski, Director of Marketing Communications, Bronto Software

• Moderator: Melissa Campanelli, Editor in Chief, Retail Online Integration

• Click Here: How to Engage Customers Across Channels

Engaged customers - buyers and shoppers who connect with your brand wherever they are - are the holy grail for retailers today. They're the customers who interact with your brand on social networks, use mobile devices and subscribe to your email program.
So, how do you acquire them? Join cross-channel retail expert Debra Ellis of Wilson Ellis Consulting and Kevin Skurski of Bronto Software, as they answer that question and explain best practices around optimizing the customer buying cycle.
You'll learn:
*tips for acquiring those engaged customers
*methods to keep them engaged
*how to increase sales as they shop across channels
*and much more!

To view this webinar, click here.


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