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How to Navigate the Online Sales Tax Legislation Waters

September 27, 2012
• Presented By: Retail Online Integration
• Sponsored By: Avalara
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Sylvia Dion, Founder/Owner, Sylvia F. Dion, CPA - State & Local Tax Consulting and Webb Stevens, Senior Director, Business and Corporate Development, Avalara

• Moderator: Melissa Campanelli, Editor in Chief, Retail Online Integration

• Click Here: How to Navigate the Online Sales Tax Legislation Waters

Many e-commerce businesses haven't had to worry about collecting sales tax in states where they didn't have a physical presence, but things could rapidly change if one of two proposals moving through Congress is enacted.  These proposals, the Marketplace Equity Act and the Marketplace Fairness Act, would require online retailers to collect sales taxes in many states.  Proponents, which include the States, who argue that more than $20 billion in sales taxes go uncollected by out-of-state online merchants every year, and local retailers, who see people come into their stores to check out a product but buy it "tax-free" online instead, are becoming more vocal and are pushing for one of these proposals to pass this year!

To understand this complicated environment better, join us for a lively and educational webinar presented by Sylvia Dion, a leading online sales tax expert, who will discuss the following:
-- the status of federal online sales tax legislation - how these proposals would impact online retailers;
-- State "Amazon laws" and what they mean to online businesses;
-- online sales tax next steps and best practices for online retailers;
-- and so much more.

Sponsored by Avalara

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